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Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as Students of the Month! Read more >>>

High School Information for Eighth Graders

There are a number of important items for the eighth graders as they continue their transition to CHS for their freshman year. 

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CMS Celebrations

CMS students participated in two events and had a number of students that we would like to celebrate! Read more >>>

CHS Information For CMS 8th Graders

There are a number of important items for the 8th graders as they continue their transition to CHS for their freshmen year. Read more >>>


Mr. Howe and his students in the yearbook class have been diligently working to produce this year's edition of the middle school yearbook. Read more >>>

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We want you to know that you can locate teacher web page information, e-mail addresses, and phone extensions by going to the Staff Listing and Teacher Websites page under Contact Us.

Remember that students are supposed to write the objective (information they are learning) and note assigned homework, quiz, and/or scheduled tests in their Student Planner. This is a great tool for parents
to dialogue with their children about their
day at school.

Check back often to stay informed about the exciting happenings at Combs Middle School!

To our parents we say

Thank you for your support in helping your child reach his or her academic potential. Your encouragement and involvement will make all the difference in how your student perceives his or her middle school years. Together, working as a team, we can help your child learn, succeed, and achieve!

A Message from Our Principal

Each year in the spring, schools assess the learning that has taken place within Language Arts (reading/writing), Science, and Mathematics through the taking of the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS) tests. The results of these tests are used by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) for evaluative purposes of the students, teachers, middle school, and district. Since the beginning of the school year, teachers have strived to assist each of their students with recording (and understanding) as well as retaining (and practicing) all of the various pieces of information that will be assessed on these tests.

This year's AIMS will take place April 7-10, 2014. Listed below is the schedule for the testing:

  • Monday, April 7 - AIMS Writing (7th)/Science (8th)
  • Tuesday, April 8 - AIMS Reading I/Math I
  • Wednesday, April 9 - AIMS Reading II/Math II
  • Thursday, April 10 - AIMS Reading III/Math III

Please assist us in creating the best testing environment possible for our students by making sure your child gets a good night's sleep and eats a nourishing breakfast each morning throughout the testing week.

Mark Mauro

Mark Mauro