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We Need You / PTO

The Combs Middle School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) provides parents with a means to build community within the school setting. The primary goals of PTO are to create opportunities to interact about important school issues and to organize fundraiser events.

Combs Middle School would like recognize and commend Shelly Hargis (President), Michelle De Leon (Vice President), Shannon Bernhardt (Secretary), and Lora Rael (Treasurer) for the outstanding leadership they provided for our school community throughout this school year! Thank you!

We are looking for new PTO officers. If you have an interest in volunteering, please e-mail Mr. Mauro directly.

PTO News
Start Middle School Right

Middle school can be a difficult time for kids. They’re no longer elementary students, but neither are they quite ready for that “young adults” label. While it’s important for kids in the middle years to have some autonomy, it’s also important for them to have consistency and discipline in their lives to enable success. As a parent, you are becoming very familiar with mood swings. Add to that a school campus change, new interests, and classes that are more difficult, and you are in for some interesting and challenging experiences.

So what’s a parent to do? Thanks to the Internet, a lot of help is out there for you.

  • Your school’s website can help:
    • Calendar page—Keep track of their activities and events.
    • Staff page—If you have questions, contact your child’s teacher via e-mail.
    • Quick Links—Useful information at the click of the mouse.
  • Scholastic offers a series of articles:
    • What to expect in each grade
    • Getting ready for school
    • Learning who’s who at school
    • How to stay connected with your child

Outside the classroom, allow your child a good balance. Children this age start to come into their own. They develop interests, pay more attention to what’s going on in the world, and acquire a sense of empathy. Nurture these new ideals by talking to your children often, encouraging them to expand their extracurricular interests.

Now that you’ve done your homework, encourage your child to do the same. Kids Health allows children to walk through the steps to prepare for middle school on their own. It also offers advice from the kids themselves.

We look forward to seeing you on the first day of school!

We Can Make a Difference

Site Council

The Combs Middle School Site Council embraces the mission and vision statements of the J.O. Combs Unified School District and embraces the mission, core philosophies, vision, academic responsibilities, values, and pledge of Combs Middle School.

In order to promote and facilitate these statements, members will work to…

  • Enhance the four core philosophies of the school.
  • Promote strong ties between school, home, community, and business.
  • Provide opportunities for staff regarding the structure and improvement of instructional programs.
  • Respect and accept individual uniqueness and cultural diversity through the development of a professional learning community (PLC).
  • Foster an environment that is emotionally, physically, and mentally safe.

The duties of the Combs Middle School Site Council shall include, but are not limited to…

  • Improvement of the school’s instructional program.
  • Development of an action plan/goals to improve the professional growth of the school’s staff.
  • Coordination of other programs at the school.
  • Communication of various aspects of the school to the school community.
  • Review policies that exist within the school and make recommendations, revisions, additions as needed.


  • Foster communication and collaboration within and outside the J.O. Combs Middle School community to improve school/parent/community relations with an 85% approval rating (School Goal IV).
  • Increase student achievement by 5% on the AIMS tests (reading, writing, and math) through providing an engaging learning environment for all students to grow academically (School Goal I).
  • Develop a positive school culture with the attributes of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) (School Goal V).